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The British Empire, France, Ottoman Empire, Germany and Russia.

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There were actually 8 Great Powers in 1900. The 6 European Great Powers, the United Kingdom, the Austrian Empire, Prussia, France, Russia and Italy, plus the United States and Japan.

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Q: What are the five major world powers in the 1900?
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In 1900 how many major railroads ran from the Mississippi River to the West Coast?


What were the five major allied powers of World War 2?

US, UK, Russia, France and China(after the war, communists China had conflicts with US).

Which statement most accurately describes the group of nations that became the five permanent members of the security council?

they were the major allied powers during world war 2

What arethe five major climates of the world?

# # # # # === ===

What ar the allied powers?

The five main allied powers in World War 1 were the US, France, England, Italy, and Russia. There were also others that helped fight the Central Powers.

What are five of the countries that were apart of allied powers in World War 2?

There were actually many more than just five countries that were part of the Allied Powers. They are listed below. At the beginning of the war, after the US entered the war, the major powers were Great Britain, the US, the USSR, France, and China with Great Britain, the US and the USSR being the major leaders of the Allied forces.Allied countries in WWII:Great BritainUnited StatesUSSRChinaFranceBelgiumAustraliaBrazilCanadaCzechoslovakiaEthiopiaGreeceIndiaMexicothe NetherlandsNew ZealandNorwayPolandthe Philippine Commonwealththe Union of South AfricaYugoslavia

What percentage of states in the US were added after 1900?

Five states or 10% became states after 1900.

What five nations led the world in population in 1900?

The five most populous nations in 1900 were the following:Russia 137 million USA 76 million Germany 56 million Austria-Hungary 47 million; and Japan 44 million. These numbers are most relevant to military historians that study the reasons and results of major wars. Economists also use populations when discussing GNP and GDP results.

Name 5 permanent member contries of UNO?

If you are asking: What countries are the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council? United States, United Kingdom, France, China, and Russia (previously the USSR). These were the five major Allied Powers in the Second World War.

How many transcontinental did the US have in 1900?

There were five transcontinental railroads in the US in 1900.

How much would a 1900 five dollar gold piece be worth?

a 1900 five dollar bill will be worth a video game.

What are five major climate regions in the world?

The five major climate regions in the world are tropical, dry, temperate, continental, and polar. These regions are characterized by their temperature, precipitation, and general weather patterns. Each region experiences distinct climatic conditions based on its location relative to the equator and other geographic factors.