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Progressive era

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Q: What are the voting reforms recall initiative and referendum are associated with what era?
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Three progressive reforms which gave more involvement in law making to the people?

Initiative, referendum, recall

Which four reforms were instituted during the progressive era to give voters more power?

1. the initiative which gave voters the right to put a bill before a state legislature 2. The referendum which allowed voters to put a bill on a ballot and vote it into a law

What statement best describes the effects of the initiative the referendum and the recall?

They allow citizens more influence over the laws and leaders of their state.

What reforms did the populists support?

They called for the election of US senators by popular vote, rather than by state legislatures (17th Amendment). They demanded the universal use of the secret (Australian) ballot, to prevent employers from forcing workers to vote a certain way. They introduced the ideas of the initiative, referendum and recall which were added to many state constitutions. They called for the abolition of national banks and for the government ownership of railroads and the telegraph (socialistic ideas). They advocated a postal savings system so that ordinary people might avoid depositing their money in privately owned banks, and for a graduated income tax.

What were the major goals of progressive reformers?

While not all progressives supported all progressive reforms, the basic objectives of the movement included the following: Destruction of the monopolistic power of the major corporations and banks in America. More representative government at all political levels in local, state, and national government. An active government that would take the initiative in reform. The right of labor to organize and secure a decent salary and safe working conditions. More economic and political rights for women. Regulation of child labor. The direct election of United States Senators. A graduated income tax that would fall hardest on the wealthy and least on the poor. Enactment of the initiative, referendum, and recall. Reform of city government Nationalization of railroads and banks. Government owned and operated local utilities. Consumer protection laws to prevent the sale of unsafe food and drugs.