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1. the initiative which gave voters the right to put a bill before a state legislature

2. The referendum which allowed voters to put a bill on a ballot and vote it into a law

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Indirect Initiative



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Q: Which four reforms were instituted during the progressive era to give voters more power?
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What progressive reforms allow voters to accept or reject legislative proposals?

17th admendment

How would voters in your state use each of these reforms to get what they want done?

How would voters in your state use each of these reforms to get what they want done

Progressive proposal to allow voters to bypass state legislatures?


Which election reforms had the greatest impact on American voters?

Election reforms were introduced to bring direct democracy to voters, one reform is allowing an initiative where 5% of voters could initiate laws in state legislatures and recall by petition voters could force an official to stand for re-election. Also the passage of the 14th Amendment ensuring voter rights for all

How did progressive reforms limit the power of political machines?

more poeple got education and more people realized the corruption of political machines

What were some reforms that president Hiram Johnson made during his political career?

Voters to vote for or overturn many politial actions. He also approved legislation that regulated public utility corporations. he enacted child labor laws and election reforms,too.

Progressive proposal to allow voters to bypass state legislatures and propose legislation themselves?


What was the long-term impact of the progressive era on the American system?

voters gained more power

What was the intent of political reforms such as the direct primary initiative refrendum and recall?

To give voters a stronger voice in government

What was the long term impact of the Progressive Era on the American political system?

Many social reforms of today find their foundation in the Progressive era. It was during this time that women won the right to vote, minorities took action against discrimination and monopolies were put on notice.

Progressive device that would enable voters to remove corrupt or ineffective officials from office?


What reforms did progressives push through at the federal level?

Progressives pushed for the direct election of senators by all state voters.