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Walla Walla

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Q: What city in Washington means place of many waters?
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Which Mexico cities means place of beautiful waters?

Acapulco, on the Pacific Coast. It is known as such due to Chinese traders who referred the city as "Ye Pa Ti", which means just that: "place of beautiful waters".

What are some words starting with the letter you that are about Washington State?

Union Gap is a city in Washington. University Place is a city in Washington.

A place in Washington that starts with the letter h?

· Hoquiam is a city in Washington State

Is washigton dc the capital?

Washington D.C. is the capital city of United States.

What city in Canada means meeting place?

"hui" is the city.

What is an Orizaba?

There's a city in Mexico named Orizaba. Orizaba is the Hispanized pronunciation of the Aztec name Ahuilizapan, which means, loosely translated, "place of the playing waters".

What is the northern most major city in the continental US besides Alaska?

Bellingham Washington for a city with 50,000 residents or more. Seattle Washington for a city with 500,000 residents or more. Sumas Wasjington for the northernmost incorporated place.

What city does the book Tally's Corner take place?

The book Tally's Corner takes place in Washington D.C.

Is there a place named Richmond in Washington?

If you are talking about Washington state there is a city named Richland in Eastern Washington state. There is Also a neighborhood in the north of Seattle, Washington (State) called Richmond Beach. There is also a City named Richmond In the state of Virginia.

Where is the most visited place in the US?

Washington D.C., New York City, or Disneyland

In what city does the TV show Sue Thomas FBEye take place?

Washington D.C.

What type of noun is Washington DC?

Washington DC is the name of a place, which means it is a proper noun.Proper nouns are the names of specific people (George Washington, Marie Antoinette), the names of specific places (Washington DC, Japan), or specific things (Oreo, Toyota Prius).