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china! fool!

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Q: What communist country was located north of North Vietnam?
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The capital of north Vietnam is?

There is no "North Vietnam" as a country. The term "North Vietnam" was an erronous term used by the US to justify there intervention into Vietnam after the Paris Peace Accord 1954 which temporarily divide the country into 2 parts, North and South. FoIn the history there was no north or south country in Vietnam. The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi.

Why did china support south Vietnam?

The Soviet Union supported Vietnam because not only were they communist but they supported them because they were using the Vietnamese people to fight the United States. Which in other words it is called a proxy war.

How did Ho Chi Minh become a leader of North Vietnam?

For the younger generation back then, Ho Chi Minh had been a founder of the communist party in North Vietnam & a "Hero" & victor against the French.

Why did the US get involved in the Revolutionary War?

The US got involved in the Revolutionary War to become a separate country. American history classes will teach that the colonists wearied of 'taxation without representation'. This meant that while they were being taxed (and taxed and taxed and taxed again), they had no voice in the taxation process.

How could a small country like North Vietnam defeat a large country like the United States?

In the Vietnam War, the US was engaged in battle with the forces of North Vietnam and the guerrilla forces in South Vietnam. The North sponsored and supplied the Viet Cong guerrillas, and North Vietnam was in turn supplied by the Soviet Union and perhaps had the help of China. The US was fighting a "limited" war. The US was solid in its policy of "communist containment". There was no attempt to overthrow the government of North Vietnam. The US sought a war of containment to also prevent it from becoming a larger war that would more directly involve the USSR or China. North Vietnam was not a threat to the USA. As with the US Civil War, all the South had to do was make the war unbearable and have the North quit. This is what happened in the Vietnam War. The US quit. As the war dragged on, it was clear that the US public was getting tired of the US troop losses. Time was on the side of the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong guerrillas. In a perfect world, the US could have easily been victorious in the war. The US had help defeat Hitler and Imperial Japan. North Vietnam was a small weak nation. In limited wars, where the enemy will make any sacrifice to win, the weak has an advantage over the stronger enemy. North Vietnam could allow huge guerrilla losses and there was no "public opinion" allowed to express dissatisfaction with the communists. The argument that the government of South Vietnam was corrupt holds no currency. The government of North Vietnam was also corrupt. One party communist governments are corrupt by their very nature. The US lost because of the restraints it had on itself and the fears that a more aggressive war might widen the war. It is clear now and then that limited wars are rarely successful.

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Did Vietnam gain anything from the Vietnam war?

Communist North Vietnam re-united with the NON-Communist SOUTH Vietnam, creating ONE Communist country; Vietnam.

Is Vietnam a communist country still?

Back in 1959, North Vietnam was Communist. Until 1975 when the Americans joined the North and captured the south. Now the whole country is Communist. yes the north was communist and it now entirely communist but the Americas did NOT join the north. they went into the south to protect them from the communist because they were afraid of communist invasion as was seen in cuba with the support of the soviets, the other superpower. it wasnt until after 1975 once all the American troops had left ( referred to as vietnamization) that the North captured the south :)

What was the Vietnam war out?

Preventing Communist North Vietnam from taking over the Free Non communist country of South Vietnam.

Why was the US was in the Vietnam war?

To stop communist North Vietnam from taking over the non-communist country of South Vietnam.

What communist country is in North Vietnam?

Since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, the country has ceased to be divided into north and south sections; it is just one country now. And it has a communist government.

What cause the war of Vietnam?

Communist North Vietnam was trying to take over the non-communist country of South Vietnam. The US fought North Vietnam to stop them.

What country's are communist in Asia?

China; North Korea; Vietnam.

What was the final outcome of Vietnam war?

Communist North Vietnam successfully re-united with it's southern half, creating one communist Vietnam country.Unification forthe country of Vietnam.

What started the conflict of the vienam war?

The country of Vietnam had divided into communist North Vietnam and democratic South Vietnam, and was fighting a civil war to determine if the country would be reunified as a communist nation, or if it would remain a divided nation. Untimately, North Vietnam prevailed.

What communist countries are located in east Asia?

No. First of all, Asia is not a country. Asia is a continent. It has many countries. Some of those countries are communist, but many of them are not.

What was the end result of the Vietnam Conflict?

North Vietnam took over the country making it communist

Why did the US troops join Vietnam?

To fight communism. To stop a communist nation (North Vietnam) from taking over a non-communist country (SOUTH Vietnam).