What crime did Malcolm X commit?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He was a pimp and a burglar

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Q: What crime did Malcolm X commit?
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What crime did Malcolm X commit to go to prison?


Did Malcolm X commit crimes in his teenage years?

He was a pimp and a burgalar.

Is it a crime to let an alcoholic drink?

"If you ask Malcolm X then yes drinking is a crime."

What if you commit a crime but it wasnt you?

Then you did not commit a crime. I assume you mean, "What do you do if you are charged with a crime you did not commit?" The answer is, "You get a lawyer."

What verb can be use for crime?

Commit is the verb commonly used for crimes. For example, "He committed a crime."

What is the verb for crime?

The verb for crime is "commit."

Who was spike lee role model?

Malcolm X

Why is cannibalism the worst crime to commit?

The worst crime to commit is Cannibalism.Eating another human is being Inhumane.

What would you do if all crime was legal?

Commit a crime

Is it a crime to plan a crime but not commit the crime?

Yes planning a crime is a crime.More exactly, it is called "Conspiracy to commit X", where X is the crime being planned. There's a bit more difficulty in proving it, because the prosecution has to show that you knew that a crime was being planned and that you willingly (or knowingly) participated in that planning, but it's still a crime.Also, note that you can possibly be charged with a crime even if you are apprehended before you can actually commit the crime. For instance, if you and two buddies pull into a convenience store, take out your guns, and walk in, but are met with a bunch of police officers who arrest you before you actually stick up the place, you can be charged with Robbery, not just Conspiracy to Commit Robbery. The prosecution has to show that it is reasonable to assume you were about to commit a crime (i.e. you had your ski masks on when you walked in, guns drawn, not just walked into the store with guns in your belts), and that the crime was imminent (i.e about to happen, usually meaning in the next hour or so).

What age should a boy commit a crime?

In keeping with the letter of the law, a boy should never commit a crime.

Why did Malcolm X lose intere st in school?

Malcolm X as a child (in 1930s America) was interested in becoming a lawyer. He was told that pursuing that goal was an unrealistic goal for a black person. In his disillusionment he lost interest in school and turned to crime.