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they had fun danced and cooked and sung ect

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fire ceremonies, mask parties and play with their hunting animals. (pets-not the animals they hunt!)

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The Cheyenne people threw darts in a hoop and alot of other nature games.

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Q: What did the cheyenne tribe do for fun?
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What did the Cheyenne tribe hunt?

what did the Cheyenne tribe hunt

What was the Cheyenne?

'Cheyenne' is the name of an Indian Tribe.

What capital city is named after an Indian tribe?

Cheyenne Wyoming would be named after the Cheyenne tribe.

Where was the cheyenne tribe found in North America?

the cheyenne tribe is found in the great plains in north america

What were the traditional food of the Cheyenne tribe?

Cheyenne batter bread

When did the Cheyenne tribe die?

The Cheyenne or Tsêhéstáno tribe never died. There are two federally recognized Cheyenne peoples - the Northern Cheyenne, generally located in Montana and the Southern Cheyenne of Oklahoma. However, Cheyenne can be found all across America.

What are some of the things named after the cheyenne Indian tribe?

Cheyenne in Wyoming and the Cheyenne river were named after the Cheyenne people.

What types of things did the Cheyenne tribe rely on?

the cheyenne tribe ryled on nature for many things such as food shelter and water.

How does the Kwaiutl tribe's shelter the same as the Cheyenne tribe?

they dont

What do Cheyenne Indians do for fun?

the cheyenne indians were a key tribe that many settlers payed to have them help the settlers cross the river. the cheyenne also were a key trading tribe in the months near the end

What did the Cheyenne Tribe celebrate?


What did the Cheyenne Indians farm?

the cheyenne tribe farmed corn, squash, and beans