What do the natives eat for food?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They eat ham, fish bones, tree bark, there own people, cats dogs, blankets!

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Q: What do the natives eat for food?
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What did natives eat in California?


What food do natives eat?

they buffols and

What food did American natives eat?


What kinds of food did the natives eat?

The native Americans eat fish,fruits such as corn,and they also ate vegtable

What did yurok natives eat?

yes they did

What did the natives of the northwest coast eat?


What did southwest natives eat?

ground beef

Do fennec foxes eat cactus?

No, cacti are natives of the Americas and the fennec is from Africa.

How did George Vancouver interact with the natives?

to eat chicken

Even if they are starving natives living in the Arctic will never eat a penguin egg why not?

Because penguins do not live in the arctic, they live in the antarctic. There are no natives to eat the penguin egg.

What did the natives trade with Samuel de Champlain?


What did the natives trade fur for?

For Weapons,food,horses.