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a construction worker

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Q: What do you call a person who build houses?
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What do you call a person who build homes?

A carpenter. A carpenter is a person who builds houses and homes for families, and adults who may not be blessed with kids.

What do you call a person who builds houses?

a construction worker

How did the Hopewell build there houses?

how did the hopewell build there houses

What kind of houses northwest Indians build?

they build wood houses

How many houses can you build on 1 acres of land?

u can build 12 houses

What do the great plain call homes?

Today, homes/houses. In the 1800's they were called "soddies" since they were build of sod.

What do you call a person that sells houses?

A real estate agent. a realtor

What is the name of a person who builds stone houses?

A mason, or stonemason

What do you call a person who designs build and uses machines?


What did Mesopotamian build their houses out of?

they used mud bricks to build houses

What are bangladeshi houses made of?

houses in the village are made from mud and water which then dry's. And city building are build with concrete or just normal bricks.Answered by a young bengali person

If six boys can build six houses in six days and twelve girls can build twelve houses in twelve days how many houses can twelve boys and twelve girls build in twelve days?

24 houses