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because it makes the house stronger.

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Q: Why did the Hupa build their houses with cedar planks?
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What did the hupa tribe use to build there homes?

cedar planks

What did the hupa use to build there homes?

cedar planks

How were the house built by the miwok different built by the hupa?

The Miwok lived in dirt-covered houses and the Hupa lived in rectangular houses built by cedar-wood planks.

What did the Hupa use to build their homes?

The Hupa use their red wood trees and make planks for the roofs and the wall.

What did the hupa houses look like?

The Hupa, Hoopa or in their language Natinixwe, are from the Northwest coast of California from the South Fork of the Trinity River to Hoopa Valley, to the Klamath River. They lived in cedar planked houses about 20 sq feet in size. The men slept in sweat lodges with cedar roofs and semi under ground walls.

What kind of houses did the hupa tribe live in?

the Hupa tribe lived in rectangular shaped home build with plant rack and sticks

What did the Hupa do in Sweat Houses?

They builded their houses with small cedar wood planks The sweat was a place for men and young men they men and the women didnt live with each other. the women lived in XONTAHS and the men lived in sweat houses the kids would live with their mother in the XONTAH then when a boy became a certain age they boy would go stay with his father in the sweat house

How did Hupa longhouses look like?

What do the REAL Hupa houses look like?

What was the name of the hupa houses?


What kind of houses did the hupa Indians live in?

The hupa indians lived in rectangular shaped home built with plant rack and sticks

what did the hupa tribe trade for?

The Hupa traded acorns and other goods for canoes the Yurok made from red cedar. The region that the Hupa lived in was more plentiful with acorns than the Yuroks territory (Wallace). They also shared their style of housing

Where do hupa lived?

The Hupa is a group of Native Americans who live in northwestern of California.They also live in Cedar plank houses and near lower Trinity river. And had to live with 6 or more family members.They live on a Indian Reservation like most Indians do. That Indian Reservation is called the "Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation" which is the biggest Indian Reservation in California