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What goal did Margaret sanger ida b wells and florence kelley shares

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Q: What goal did Margaret Sanger Ida b. wells and Florence Kelley share?
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What controversial contribution did Margaret sanger make to America life?

She pioneered the movement to share contaceptive information

What contribution did Margaret Sanger make to American life?

She pioneered the movement to share contraceptive informationApex-specific question, rephrased

What do Margaret Sanger and Hillary Rod ham Clinton have in common?

Both Margaret Sanger and Hillary Rodham Clinton have been involved in advocating for women's reproductive rights and access to birth control. Sanger was a prominent reproductive rights activist and the founder of Planned Parenthood, while Clinton has also been a vocal supporter of reproductive rights throughout her political career. Both women have faced criticism and controversy for their activism in this area.

What controversial contribution did maragaret sanger make to American life?

she pioneered the movement to share contraceptive information

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