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columbus got a reward from the king and queen of Spain

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Many people started trading and started exploring more of the Americas

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Q: What happened after America was discovered?
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What happened to the Chinese in the book Chinese in America?

the Chinese discovered America notchristopher Columbus the Chinese did

What happened when europeans discovered the united states?

When the Europeans discovered the united states, focus became exploring North America.

What happened in 1756-1763 in Europe and North America?

What happened was that samuel de champlain was born i think and he discovered the inner parts of the st. lawrence river

What exciting things happened on Columbus's voyage?

He took with him 3 ships with him at the start of the first trip and of course he discovered america.

What would've happened if Sacajawea didn't lead Lewis and Clark?

They most likely would have been killed and we might have not discovered America

Who discovered England for America?

Richard Hakluyt it was John Cabot

What did Amerigo Vespucci discovered what?

Amerigo Vespucci discovered that Asia was not a part of America. America was named after him.

What did christopher Columbus do when come back to Spain?

What happened when Christopher Columbus returned home?

Who really discovered America?

Your Mom, Discovered America

How is America invented?

America was "discovered" not invented.

How long ago was America discovered?

America has been known about by the public for 1,517 years. however it was already occupied for thousands of years by the native AmericansBy: Samuel F.

What did christphor Columbus discovered?

Christopher Columbus discovered the coast of South America. He also discovered the West Indies and Central America. He discovered the Bahamas, Cuba, and Haiti.