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The tribe formerly inhabited an area of the northern Great Plains between the Platte and Yellowstone rivers, now located in southeast Montana. The Crow became nomadic buffalo hunters after migrating west from the Missouri River in North Dakota in the 18th century.

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Many members of the Crow tribe live today on the Crow Reservation in central southern Montana, along with some non-natives who have leased or purchased some of the Reservation land. About 1,000 Crows live in nearby towns such as Hardin and Billings.

The Reservation's boundaries have remained unchanged for over 100 years and the principal population centres are Pryor, St Xavier, Lodge Grass and Crow Agency. The major areas of employment are with the Tribal Government in healthcare, education, housing and administration, as well as with local colleges and coal-mining companies. Some Crow are employed as ranch-hands and cowboys. Crow Basketball teams have gained a reputation as successful and highly competitive players.

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The Crows, like all Plains tribes, took no notice of state boundaries and travelled wherever they wished. They traditionally had two main divisions: the River Crows of the Yellowstone, and the Mountain Crows further south on the Little Missouri, Powder and Bighorn rivers. They hunted and raided enemy camps in what is now central and southern Montana, north Wyoming and occasionally into western North Dakota.

The Crow Reservation, created in 1851, extended from Montana into Wyoming; this area was gradually decreased to the present Reservation which is entirely in central south Montana.

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The Crows were typical Plains nomads who lived mainly in tipis (ashi in Crow). However, war parties setting out into enemy territory also made temporary shelters of poles or sticks laid against a tree trunk hidden among a stand of timber - these were then covered in brushwood and were called ashdahche(poles-against-tree-shelter).

Crow tipis were very distinctive and different to those of all other tribes - the poles were much longer than usual, making the finished tipi look like an hourglass in shape. Modern versions are covered with canvas instead of buffalo hides sewn together, but the traditional long poles are still used.

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they lived in tepees made out of buffalo hide over logs

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in a feather


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Q: What homes did the crow tribe live in?
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