What is Nature of industry mean?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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fthe nature of industry is one of the most important element in determining the degree of financial leverage a firm can carry safely without any risk of bankruptcy.

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Q: What is Nature of industry mean?
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What does was their influence upon the industry positive or negative in nature mean?

It means, "Was their influence good or bad?"

What is the nature if business and industry?

In Business and Industry, if you work at Microsoft, then the nature of your business is software.

What is the nature of the helicopter industry?

A very busy, thriving industry.

What nature of industry does computer shop belong?

it belongs to ..........

What is mean of industry?

hair haba utot baho arms

What is primary industry?

Primary Industries are those which harvest the raw-material from nature.

What would my nature of my business be if I am doing an industry?

to care for it, to get prophit

Why is mining regarded as a robber industry?

Mining can be considered a "robber industry" because it has historically been associated with exploiting resources for profit without considering the long-term environmental consequences or the well-being of local communities. Some mining practices have led to environmental degradation, displacement of communities, and violations of human rights. It is important for the mining industry to adopt sustainable practices to mitigate these negative impacts.

What is the nature of the business coffee shop?

Specialty eatery industry.

What is the nature of the fabricated metal products industry?

Because of its specialized nature, the industry is highly fragmented. The average industry participant grossed about 28 percent as much as the average U.S. manufacturer in the mid-1990s and employed about half as many workers.

What is the definition of the word 'product'?

Something produced by nature, industry or art

What is the general nature of the type of work performed in the landscaping industry?