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The job markets flourish because people were now better able to get to and from easily.

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Q: How did innovations industry transpotation and communicay tion affect the nature of work in american society?
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What positive imopact did Preston Tucker succeeded in?

Preston Tucker started the American automobile industry thinking of safety innovations.

Innovations in what industry contributed greatly to the economic boom of the 1990's?

Innovations in the computer industry contributed greatly to the economic boom of the 1990's.

Which innovations helped develop the metal household furniture industry?

With the development of steel and other innovations in metal production by American manufacturing companies during the 1920s and early 1930s, major impacts on furniture design were felt.

What innovations changed the textile industry?

automatic loom

Which innovations enabled leap in the hotel industry?

The lift (elevator in USA).

How did innovations and inventions best benefit both industry and citizens?

Innovations and inventions made it easier to produce or to do business. For the citizens, innovations made it easier to socialize, have fun and live comfortable lives.

Several innovations of Thomas Edison eventually resulted in the?

Creation of the motion picture industry

On which industry did Thomas Edison's innovations in electricity likely have the most beneficial impact?

nighttime entertainment

What has the author Bruna Teso written?

Bruna Teso has written: 'The pharmaceutical industry' -- subject(s): Pharmaceutical industry, Drugs, Technological innovations, Research

Which industry saw the earliest innovations?

The textile industry saw some of the earliest innovations during the Industrial Revolution, including the development of mechanized spinning and weaving machines. These advancements revolutionized textile production and helped lay the foundation for modern industrial manufacturing processes.

How did Francis Cabot Lowell and for other investors revolutionize the American textile industry?

Francis Cabot Lowell and his investors revolutionized the American textile industry by introducing the integrated factory system, which brought together spinning and weaving operations under one roof. This increased efficiency and led to the growth of the textile industry in America. They also played a key role in developing power looms and other mechanical innovations that sped up production.

What has the author Tsuyoshi Nakamura written?

Tsuyoshi Nakamura has written: 'Effects of user innovation on industry growth' -- subject(s): Steel industry and trade, Technological innovations