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  1. Territory is an area that is occupied by one animal or a group of animals and that other members of the species are excluded from.
  2. Ex:Yourhouse; the United States
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Q: What is a Territory Give an example of a territory from your environment?
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Can you give me a sentence with the word territory?

That piece of land is his territory. A dog protects and guards its territory. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word invasion?

the Germans invaded the japanees territory

Give you cheats for territory war online?

No cheats for Territory war On;line

Can you give me some examples of how animals mark their territory?

Animals can mark there territory by urinating (peeing) on it.

The land given to the united states was called what territory-?

The land that was given to the United States was known as the Indian Territory.

What territory did Spain give up to the US after an invasion by Andrew Jackson?

That territory was Florida, which the Spanish were apparently unable to control.

Did the northwest territory give massacussets a coast on the pacific?


Definition of cede?

To give up power or territory.

To give up a territory or relinquish power is to?

..Is to Cede.

What is a territory give 2 examples?

In Australia, two examples of a territory are the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory. Offshore, there are numerous external territories, such as Christmas Island, Norfolk Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Coral Sea Islands, Heard & McDonald Islands, Ashmore & Cartier Islands and the Australian Antarctic Territory.

Did The Louisiana Territory give us a southern seaport and increase the size of the united states?

It depends. In the beginning the Louisiana Territory belonged to Spain. When America finally got a hold of the Louisiana Territory, it did give us a southern seaport and increased the size of the United States.

The island territory belongs to which country?

It depends on the specific island territory you are referring to. Can you provide more information so I can give you an accurate answer?