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a period

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Q: What is a length of time that is important because of certain events or developments that occurred during that era?
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What changes occurred in the American work force and workplace in the 1950s?

Business expanded, people were franchising other companies, and large companies offered well-paying, secure jobs to certain kinds of workers.

Why did northerners and southerns eagerly rush in to the civil war?

Because both sides were certain that they would win.

Why was family so important to the Native Americans?

Families were and are so important to the American Indian for many of the same reasons they are in any culture. Many natives knew it was important to have their tribes continue through the children. It was also often believed that the earth was borrowed from those children and had to be returned to them. The children, in turn, would borrow it from their children. All the tribes loved their children.

Why is it important as historians to recognize the difference between facts and opinions?

It is important as historians to recognise the difference because opinions are not necessarily true, or what happened. You can have 2 or more opinions that go against eachother, but there's only one fact. Opinions also show more of the feeling of the time (whether people liked or disliked certain events), rather than what actually happened. Some effects that are fact, were sparked off by opinions, they are interlinked, but definitely different.

Why was Cesar chavez so important?

Cesar Chavez is important because of how he helped not only farmers but our society. He taught us many things from civil rights to which crop foods to eat and which not to eat. He is truly one of the most important citizens of all time.

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