What is affirmative sentence?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An affirmative sentence is a sentence which affirms a proposition.

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Q: What is affirmative sentence?
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What argument do critics of affirmative action often make?

Critics often make the argument that affirmative action is unconstitutional.

What was an unintended outcome of affirmative action?

reverse discrimination

How many states ban affirmative action?


Whose administration formally established affirmative action?


Should Affirmative Action be eliminated?

Affirmative action, otherwise known as "reverse-discrimination", is a policy that effectively discriminates against certain groups for the benefit of other groups. The intent of such a policy is to "even the playing field." The actual result, however, is that less qualified individuals unfairly gain access to employment, education, groups, etc at the expense of more qualified individuals. But this does not even begin to address the true underpinnings of discrimination. The result of affirmative action, or discrimination, is that those in the "target" groups that affirmative action is supposed to help might obtain credentials that are then questioned (fairly or unfairly) but others who wonder if their success was a product of talent and hard-work or of government-sponsorsored discrimination - ie affirmative action. So, the result is that affirmative action actually LEADS to stereotyping, the underpinning of discrimination. Affirmative Action should absolutely be eliminated. Fairness is not unilateral - the only way to address problems of discrimination is by even-ing the playing field for all. Education and free markets are the solution.

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What is an affirmative sentence?

An affirmative sentence is a sentence which affirms a proposition.

How do you use affirmative action in a sentence?

Affirmative action is about farming

How do you affirmative as a sentence?

Are you sure captain? "affirmative" , said the captain.

Difference between an affirmative and assertive sentence?

An affirmative sentence simply states a fact or opinion, while an assertive sentence is more forceful in making a statement or claim. Assertive sentences are more confident or assertive in their tone compared to affirmative sentences.

Change the sentence 'His action is not without justification into affirmative sentence?

His action is justified.

What is a sentence for the word affirm?

When I asked if he had been drinking, he only nodded in the affirmative. "Affirmative Action" is a social program. When I asked if he was ready, he gave me an affirmative response.

What is difference between Affirmative and Assertive sentences?

assertive - This word describes a sentence that declares your The Earth is I believe the Earth is flat.affirmative - This commonly means a sentence that is not affirmative - The Earth is negative - The Earth is not flat.Imperative - This means a sentence that is worded as an order,eg Look at how flat the Earth is!

How do you write a sentence with the word I will in it?

I will is an affirmative action, as in you are going to do it. e.g. I will eat the cake, I will go out, I will etc..

What are the rules for changing affirmative to negative in sentence formation?

To change an affirmative sentence to a negative one, you typically add the word "not" after the auxiliary verb (e.g., "I am" becomes "I am not"). If there is no auxiliary verb in the sentence, you use the verb "do/does" as the auxiliary (e.g., "She eats" becomes "She does not eat"). Always make sure to maintain the correct subject-verb agreement when forming negative sentences.

How do you say 'what is in' in French?

"What is in ...?" is "qu'y a-t-il dans ...?" in French. In an affirmative sentence, it is "Ce qu'il y a dans ...".

Should you capitalize affirmative action?

No, except at the beginning of a sentence because it is n ot a proper n ou n.

How do you use affirm in a sentence?

Our launch status was affirmative and our plane was able to take off.