What is an incumbent Congressman?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A congressman who was already in office and was reelected.

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Q: What is an incumbent Congressman?
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What do you call the Congress member who is already holds office?

A person who currently is a member of Congress is called the incumbent when referred to during an election. Otherwise, a member of the House of Representatives is called a Representative or Congressman/Congresswoman. A member of the Senate is called a Senator.

What two men are running for vice-president in the 2012 election?

Incumbent Vice President Joe Biden of Delaware and Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin

What is the singular possessive of incumbent?

The possessive form for the singular noun incumbent is incumbent's.

Ilocos sur congressman?

1st District[edit] Incumbent Ryan Singson is not running; instead, he is for the governorship of Ilocos Sur. His brother, former Representative Ronald Singson who had resigned in 2011 due to a personal scandal, is his party's nominee.

What is the opposite of incumbent?

The incumbent is the current office holder, the "challanger' is the person running against the incumbent

What does voting non-incumbent mean?

The incumbent is the current holder of a political office. To vote "non-incumbent" would mean to vote for the challenger to the incumbent's position.

Who is the incumbent prisident?

Barack Obama is the incumbent president.

Who is the incumbent for Democrats?

Barack Obama is the incumbent democratic president.

Which presidential candidate is the incumbent?

The incumbent in an election is the current office-holder. For the 2012 Presidential race, the incumbent is Barack Obama.

Which is powerful congressman or governor?


A person who holds a public office is called?

an incumbent

What is the possessive for congressman?

The possessive form is congressman is congressman's.Example: The congressman's office is on the second floor.