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She does not like them because of how they dress.

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Q: What is dona Lina's attitude towards native Americans or Indians?
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What is Jefferson's attitude towards native Americans in the letter?


What does Smiths description of giving gifts to the Native Americans reveal about his attitude toward the Native Americans?

Smith attitude towards Native Americans was a little unsure. He wanted to trust them but had a hard time doing it.

Which describes the attitude of the dutch towards native Americans?

the dutch saw them as trading partners

What best expresses the conquistador attitude towards native Americans?

i wanna know too

How did the attitude of native Americans and white settlers towards nature differ?

native americans believed nature was sacred. white settlers believed nature was a resource

Why----Rafael is compiling a book What is the subject of the book What does this suggest about his attitude toward native Americans or Indians?

Help it's for school :'(

Who helped the pilgrams in America?


By what name are most the northern native Americans known?

Collectively as Indians, American Indians, Native Americans or by their tribe's name.

Are American Indians and native Americans the same thing?

No, Native Americans are from tribes like the Cherokees and other tribes. They originated in America. Indians are from the country India, and are a whole other group of people from the Native Americans. The reason why Native Americans are sometimes referred to as Indians is because, when Christopher Columbus was sailing to India, he accidentally ended up in North America where he called all the Native Americans, Indians.

What similarity developed between the English attitude toward the Irish and the English attitude toward Native Americans?

A lot of hostility towards both parties and used the same tactics to brutally remove them from their lands.

Who did the Americans fight Tippie Canoe?

The Americans for the native Indians.

What was Jefferson's attitude towards native Americans?

Jefferson wanted to incorporate Native Americans into society peacefully, and to respect their rights instead of forcing American law on them..........................................................................................................