What is madam walkers moms name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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man why you asking all these questions man what you need is a life GO GET ONE! oh and STOP ASKING ALL THESE QUESTIONS c ya

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Q: What is madam walkers moms name?
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What was madam c j walkers sisters name?

Louveniathat is Madame C.J Walkers sisters name

Was madam cj walkers daughters name alelia?


What is Alice Walkers moms name?

The author's mother was Alice Patricia Walker.

Who are madam cj walkers parents?

Madam c.j walkers parents were Owen and Minerva Breed Love

What does the C.J. part stand for in madam walkers name?

It stands for Charles Joseph, her third husbands initials.

Who was A'lelia Walker?

Madam Cj Walkers daughter

What colour was Madam's C.J Walkers eyes?


Who's are madam cj walkers children?

it is lelia!!!!!!!!!!

What was madam cj walkers real name?

She was known as Madam C.J Walker because she married Charles Joseph Walker. Her real name was Sarah Breedlove. If you dont believe me look it up♥.

Where is madam cj walkers family origanlly from?

delta lousinia

Who were madam cj walkers friends?

That is what I'm trying to figure out..

Who is Maggie Lena walkers grandmother?

madam ccj walker