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One mystery is called "Disapperence"

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Q: What is one of the anasazi mysteries?
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What is a nickname for the Anazasi?

One common nickname for the Anasazi people is the "Ancient Ones." This name reflects their long history and the mysteries surrounding their civilization.

What type of houses did the Anasazi people leave in?

were the Anasazi wanders or did they settle in one area

How did the Anasazi build homes?

The anasazi took stones and then set one level back from another to create a terrace. (adobe)

What does anasazi mean in simpelist form?

anient one

Who created anasazi pottery?

The Anasazi.

Why is Homer one of the great mysteries of literature?

He is one of the great mysteries of literature because little is certain about him- even his name.

What did anasazi hunt?

The anasazi hunted animals

What did the earliest inhabitants of the Grand Canyon call themselves?

they called themselves Anasazi

Where can you find pictures of Anasazi?

There are no pictures of the Anasazi, as they were an ancient people.

Where the anasazi poor or wealthy?

The Anasazi were very wealthy.

What groups settled in the US?

the Anasazi were one group that settledin the us

Name one state where the Anasazi once lived?

New Mexico.