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Grand Pere, although many Cajuns use the term "Paw Paw" as a term of affection to refer to their grandfathers.

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Q: What is the Cajun name for grandfather?
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What is the Cajun word for grandfather and grandmother?

The Cajun word for grandfather is "pap" and the word for grandmother is "mamere."

Is daunis a cajun name?

Daunis can be a cajun name, it is's pronounced Daw'Neese.......There are folks from Lousianna with the name Daunis..........hope this helps.

Is Arceneaux a Cajun name?

Yeah it is

Where did cajun people flee from to Louisiana?

The name "Cajun" is short for Acadian. The Acadians were ran out of Canada.

What are the Cajun?

Cajun is the name given to French people settled in Louisiana. The name is a corruption of Acadian, as the ancestors of these Cajun people had been forcibly relocated from Acadia (in Nova Scotia, Canada) to Louisiana, USA.

How do you say my name is in cajun french?

You would say "mon nom c'est" in Cajun French to mean "my name is."

What is name of Cajun meat and rice dish?


What is the name of cajun meat and rice dish?


What does moi j'parle en Cajun mean in English?

I speak to myself in Cajun French. It's also the name of a Cajun song. The next line translates to "but only in English among the Americans"

What is the name of a Cajun soup?

Gumbo, Bisque, or Sauce Picante. Jamie Knight, Owner Fruge Cajun Seasoning http://www.FrugeCajunSeasoning

Is Jared Leto french?

Jared is French Cajun. Born in Bossier City Louisianna. His grandfather moved from the Canadian French area and moved to the southern USA

How does Shia LaBeouf spell his last name?

The spelling is correctly Shia LaBeouf. His father is Cajun and his mother is Jewish.This is different from the standard Cajun/French surname LeBoeuf.(bœuf meaning "cattle"or "beef").