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Alpha Phi Alpha is the best African American Greek organization. Alpha's list of prominent members speaks for itself. Members include Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall, WEB Dubois, Frederick Douglas, Paul Roberson, and Jesse Owens to name a few. It was founded at the Ivy League Cornell University on December 4, 1906, making it the first Black college fraternity. From the beginning, Alphas have dealt with the struggles of African Americans and many Alphas are the first to overcome the struggles of blacks. Alphas are known to be leaders and most politicians, physicians; lawyers, Professors are Alpha men. Alpha Phi Alpha will be the only Black Greek organization to have a memorial on the Washington Mall. Alphas Motto is First of All, Servants to All and We Shall Transcend all. Omega Psi Phi is widely considered to be the best African-American fraternity for several reasons. Here are three: 1) Omega Psi Phi is the first African-American fraternity to be founded at a historically Black college, Howard University in Washington, DC. 2) Omegas have been involved in integral moments in American history. For example: Ronald McNair was an astronaut on the ill-fated Space Shuttle Challenger, Douglas Wilder was the first African-American governor of Virginia, Carter G. Woodson founded Negro History Week (which later became Black History Month), and Jesse Jackson was the first African-American Democratic presidential candidate. 3) Omega Psi Phi has famous members in every professional field including business (Earl Graves), sports (Michael Jordan), science (Ernest E. Just), and education (Benjamin Mays), to name a few.

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Q: What is the best African American Fraternity?
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Prince Hall Freemasons have over 800,000 active members in the world. There are lodges in every part of the world! established 1784 The first African-American greek fraternity is Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., founded in 1906 at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY).

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He is part of the African American fraternity Omega Psi Phi.

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What collage fraternity African American fonded in ithece New York by 7 cornell university students and what year?

Alpha Phi Alpha was established at Cornell in 1905-1906.

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