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Q: What is the building In Washington DC with the large statue of President Lincoln called?
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Which American president has miniature log toys named after him?

There was a building toy set called "Lincoln Logs"

How did president Abraham Lincoln respond tot he union retreat of the Battle of Bull Run?

Lincoln called McClellan to Washington to fortify the city and train the army.

Lincoln's statue in Washington D.C. is called the Lincoln?

Its called the Abraham Lincoln Memorial

What is the building called on the tails side of the penny?

Lincoln Memorial from 1959 to 2008. The 2009 cent will have President Aberham Lincoln standing out side the Old State Capitol Building, along with 3 other designs.

When was president day invented?

(Although it is commonly called President's Day to honor both Washington and Lincoln's birthdays.) It was not invented by any president. It is a federal holiday.

What year did Abraham Lincoln lived in the White House?

Abraham Lincoln was president between 1861 and 1865.At that time, the building that we now know as "The White House" was called "The Executive Mansion"

What is the park between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument called?

The green space is the National Mall, which also includes the area west of the Washington Monument including the reflecting pool and the Lincoln Memorial.

Is Abraham Lincoln pictured on a US quarter?

No, the coin is called a Washington quarter because it features a portrait of George Washington. Lincoln is of course on the Lincoln cent.

What is the name of the building in which the US president lives?

1600 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington dc.... the building was originally called the executive building but due to its color, it was officially amended to "the white house" during the time of president teddy roosevelt

Who was the Lincoln Memorial made to honor?

The answer is in the name.....a great president called Lincoln

What president called his stovepipe hat his office?

Abe Lincoln.

Why is Washington called Washington?

It is named after the first US President.