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One, two, three, bitchh !

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Q: What is the correct order of social classes in the South starting with the lowest group?
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Which was the lowest of the four social classes in new Spain?

Indians slaves and negros

What is the correct list of social classes from colonial Latin America from highest to lowest?

The correct list of social classes in colonial Latin America from highest to lowest would typically be: peninsulares (those born in Spain), creoles (those of Spanish descent born in the Americas), mestizos (people of mixed European and indigenous descent), indigenous peoples, African slaves, and mulattos (people of mixed European and African descent).

What was the rank of artisans in Shang society?

The Shang Dynasty's rank for artisans is the lowest in the social classes.

What is the lowest group of people in ancient Sparta?

i think it is the peasants like in Egypt's social classes.

What is the lowest class in Japanese?

Merchants were the "lowest class" meaning they made less money in most cases than other social classes.

What are the lowest social classes in the south?

There are still five "social classes" in the South. They are listed in order from "highest" to "lowest": 1. Planters (farmers); 2. Bankers and Financiers; 3. The "Middle Class"; 4. The "Working Poor"; 5. The Immigrants and Outsiders. This is the Class System in Southeastern Arkansas and most of Louisiana.

What is the order of the highest social class?

There are three social classes:1. Upper Class2. middle Class3. Lower ClassUpper class is the highest social class, whereas lower class is the lowest.

A chart showing the different social classes under the feudal system?

A chart showing the different social classes under the feudal system is represented by a triangle. The lowest class in society can be found at the bottom while the highest class is at the topmost.

What processes resulted from the growth of manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution?


How were people on the lowest rank of the social hierarchy treated?

People on the lowest rank of the social hierarchy were often marginalized, discriminated against, and faced limited opportunities for advancement. They were frequently subjected to social, economic, and political oppression, which made it difficult for them to improve their circumstances. In many cases, they were denied basic rights and access to resources that were available to those in higher social classes.

Did apache people have social classes?

No there were no social classes in the Apache tribe.

What kind of social classes was working class in mesopotamia?

The lowest working class was slaves then farm workers then city dwellers then city gods and the highest was the gods.