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they have differnt costumes

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Q: What is the different between eastern woodland Indians and southwest Indians?
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What are the similarities between the eastern woodland and desert southwest native American?

the southwest like cheese but the people in the eastern woodlands don't

How many miles are between Houston Texas and Woodland Texas?

Texas has two different towns name Woodland. The Woodland near the Red River is 315 miles and the Woodland near Waco is only 176 miles from Houstoon.

Who are woodland Indians?

Woodland Indians is a general term used to describe various Native American tribes who inhabited the eastern woodlands of North America, primarily between the Mississippi River and the Atlantic Ocean. These tribes include the Iroquois, Algonquin, Shawnee, Creek, and many others. They depended on hunting, fishing, and agriculture for livelihood, and had well-developed social and cultural systems. Today, many descendants of woodland tribes continue to live in the same regions and maintain their cultural traditions.

What is the difference between archaic and woodland Indians?

Archaic Indians lived around 8,000 to 1,000 BC and were primarily hunter-gatherers who used stone tools. Woodland Indians lived from around 1,000 BC to 1000 AD and were more advanced, engaging in agriculture, pottery-making, and complex social structures. Woodland Indians also began constructing burial mounds and developing trade networks.

What are the differences between plains Indians and northwest coast Indians?

Nothing was the same everything was different. :0

Diffrentces between choctaw Indians and pueblo Indians?

Choctaw Indians different than Pueblo Indians, they are not same,pueblo Indians better then choctaw Indians.

How was war tactics different between the colonists and Indians?

by the settlment

What were the difference between Indians and europeans?

the difference was that they had come from different places and had different cultures

How many miles between Woodland CA and Paradise CA?

There are precicley 152 miles between woodland CA and paradise CA

What were the differences between the womens clothes and the mens clothes in the eastern woodland Indians?

i think womens would be skirts and small tops, and men would be trousers and long sleeved. dont quote me on that tho.

What is the name of the direction between south and southwest?

South Southwest

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They are two different regions which share a border between Bahia (NE) and Minas Gerais + Espírito Santo (SE).