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Mexico because its awesome

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Q: What is the last part of Spain to be settled by Europeans in colonial America?
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The Europeans that settled Mexico and much of Latin America came from?


Who was the first europeans to settle in north america?

The Spanish people were the first Europeans to settle in North America, they settled in Cuba and started there a colony

When was Colonial America settled and who settled there?

Colonial America is generally considered to have started in 1492 and ended in the late 1700s. During that time, England, Scotland, France, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Portugal, and Courland all colonized various parts of North, Central, and South America.

Why is the same language being spoken in Europe and north America?

The main languages of North America are English, French, and Spanish because these areas were settled by Europeans from England, France, and Spain.

Which country settled most of Latin America?

Spain did.

Where did the first Europeans to arrive in America come from?


The Europeans who claimed parts of the America's for Spain were called?


Where did europeans sail to during the age of exploration?

south America

Who were the group of Europeans who claimed parts of America for Spain?

They were called Conquistadores.

What country has the primary colonial power of Latin America?

Spain and potugal

Why is new Spain significance?

New Spain is significance because it was on of the first colonial regions in North America.

What regions of north America were explored and settled by France England and Spain.?