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Q: What is the name of the little girl who wrote a famous letter to Abraham Lincolnasking him to grow a beard?
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Is there any famous person who did not go to school?

Abraham Lincoln had very little schooling. Charles Dickens dropped out of elementary school. Check out this article for a list of other famous people with little schooling:

Was Abraham Lincoln the first president to be on a little coin?

Abraham was not the first to get his head on a little coin. But he is a dinosaur.

What nicknames did Abraham Mirkin go by?

Abraham Mirkin went by Little Johnny.

What did Abraham work when he was little?

his girlfriend

Will the president read a letter from a child?

There are probably a lot of correct answers, but Abraham Lincoln was noted for receiving and answering a letter from a little girl who said he needed to grow a beard. (see the link)

What where some of Abraham Lincoln's favorite childhood games?

Abraham Lincoln did not like any kind of games. He was little bit interested in painting. He always wanted to go to school as he was very much interested in studies.

What are some famous people's first names that begin with the letter L?

Leann Rimes, Lionel Richie, Little Richard, Lloyd Price and Loretta Lynn are famous singers.

Did Abraham Lincoln have a TV when he was little?

No Abraham Lincoln died in 1865 the Television did not begin development until the 1920s

What are the differences between Harriet Tubman and Abraham Lincoln?

Harriet Tubman was a slave from when she was a little kid but Abraham Lincoln was not.

Who was Abraham Lincoln teacher name when he was little?

mike literus

Was Abraham Lincoln smart?

Abraham Lincoln was smart because he read a lot when he was little and he beacame the 16th President of the United States

Did Abraham Lincoln lose his mother when he was yong?

Abraham Lincoln's mother, Nancy Lincoln, died of milk sickness in the Little Pigeon Creek settlement when Abraham was 9 years old.