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yes. it is called the spooks sacrifice

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Q: What is the sixth book of The Last Apprentice?
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Is the sixth and seventh book of the rangers apprentice out?


When will the sixth book of Rangers apprentice come out?

It has already come out.

What is the seventh last apprentice book called?

The 7th Last Apprentice book is called Rise of the Huntress.

Is there a fifth book in the last apprentice series?

Yes, the 5th book of The Last Apprentice series is Wrath of the Bloodeye.

Is there a seventh book of the last apprentice?

Yes, The Last apprentice: Rise of The Huntress, is coming out soon.

What day does the last apprentice book 7 come out?

there is no book seven book. its the omen of the stars and the sixth comes out in a while! hunter hasn't even finished book three and she already has firestar deth seen planned

When is the 8th last apprentice book coming out?

the last apprentice book 8 should come out in April 2011 it is called rage of the fallen

When will book 9 of the last apprentice come out?

The Last Apprentice, book 9, Grimalkin the Witch Assassin was released on April 17, 2012.

When will there be another book of the Last Apprentice?


Will there be a seventh last apprentice book?


Is there going to be a sixth rangers apprentice book?

i think there is goin to be a 6th book but I'm not sure. It is called The Siege of Macindaw.

What is book 8 of the last apprentice series?

A book lol XD