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This is a payment for disability compensation

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Q: What is us treasury 310 xxva benefit?
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What is us treasury 310 xxva?

This is a payment for disability compensation

What is vain treas 310 xxva insur?

If you see this code on your bank statement, 310 XXVA. It relates to a retirement disability payment from the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

What is a US Treasury 310 payment No designator code to follow the 310 just 310 by itsself?

This is your disability check from the US Traesury

What is misc us treasury 310?

Mileage reimbursement for your va hospital visit.

Why did you receive a us treasury 312 payment?

The "312" probably refers to U.S. Treasury Regional Finance Center in San Francisco. There are four such centers. The others are Austin, TX (220); Kansas City, MO (310); and Philadelphia, PA (303).

The US treasury department is in what branch of government?

I would say the executive branch. The Secretary of the Treasury controls the US Treasury, and the S of T is a part of the executive branch since that is a cabinet post.

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You can purchase treasury bills directly from the U.S. Treasury. You can purchase them from the US Treasury's website or from your bank.

Who is currently the US secretary of the treasury?

Timothy F. Geithner is US Secretary of the Treasury as this is written.

Who runs the department treasury?

The Secretary of Treasury is in charge of the US Treasury Department.

How many ounces is 310 milliliter?

310 ml = 10.48 US fluid ounces.

What does ac mean on the payee line of us treasury checks?

what does a % sign mean on a us treasury check

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The U.S. Treasury building is featured on the back of the $10 bill.