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children had to plough the feilds,feed the animails and lots more

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they had to eat ALL the food they could(:

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Q: What jobs did children do on Victorian Farms?
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What jobs did children do in Victorian times?

Boys would have worked on farms and in chimneys but girls worked in sewing factories.

Did Victorian children have the same jobs as Victorian adults?

no the children had more dangerous jobs

Did Victorian children work on farms?


How Street children lived in Victorian times?

As best they could Begging stealing and doing odd jobs and manydisagreeable things for money and food.

What was Victorian jobs like for children?

farting on bums

What jobs did poor Victorian children do?

chimney sweeper

Rich Victorian children jobs?

yes they did but not in as harsh condisions as the poor children

Where did Victorian children sleep?

Victorian street cleaners oftenly slept in rough dark allyways and harsh farms.

What jobs did rich Victorian children's parents do?

good innformation

What kind of dangerous jobs Victorian children have?

flower girls

What jobs did rich Victorian children do?

Rich Victorian children often had an opportunity not afforded to poor children. They often received an education while poor children worked in the factories.

What were children's jobs?

The Victorian children's jobs were mainly to get to underground mining holes. This was later banned and it prohibited women and children below 10 years from working in the mines.