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Cohokia was larger than the other mound builder towns.

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Q: What made Cahokia different from other mound builder towns?
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How did you know about the life of the Mound builders and their contact with other people?

#1 it's how do we know. #2 Trade goods such as pottery and obsidian blades from Mexico turn up in Mound Builder excavations.

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Consider the Mound builders or other Native American history.

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the cahokia pryamids, and other mounds, sears tower.

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What were the crops of the mound builders?

the mound builders crops where wheat, tobacco, rice, and many other tips of wheat.

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What crops were grown by Cahokia Indians?

The Cahokia Indians grew a variety of crops including maize (corn), beans, and squash. They also cultivated sunflowers, pumpkins, and a variety of other vegetables. These crops were important for their diet and played a significant role in their societal practices.

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