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The Hopi reservation is much smaller than the larger Navajo reservation that surrounds it, but is much richer in natural resources. The main natural resource of the Hopi's is coal.

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Q: What natural resources did the Hopi have then?
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What are the natural resources of the hopi?

They had wood

What were some of the natural resources the HOPI Indians used?


How did the Hopi get their food and use their natural resources?

They hunted deer, rabbit, and bear and sometimes grew crops. They mostly bartered natural resources.

What natural resources were important to hopi?

clay sticks bricks and lots of dry materials.

What natural resources did hopi Indians use them?

they would use bow n arrows

How did the Hopi Indian's use their natural resources?

The natural resources of the Hopi Indian tribe were those of the area. Most anything that was readily available to them was used. Water, corn, and clay materials were the major resources of the area

What are natural rescorces did te hopi Indians?

Hopi had corn and adobe.

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