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it was that they thought whites were better than blacks and also some people today think racially because of Pokemon Black and White they think white is for white people and black is for black people seriously some people are just plain idiotic

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Q: What racial dynamics in American cities led to the continued separation of blacks and whites?
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Separation of blacks and white?

Racial segregation

How did Rosa parks feel about the separation of blacks and whites?


Why is neslon mandella a good leader?

Because he assisted the separation of the blacks and the whites.

What was the policy of the separation of blacks from whites which was the law of the Republic of South Africa.?


What was the policy of the separation of blacks from whites which was the law of republic of south Africa?


How did the fugitive slave laws start?

Blacks continued to run away

South Africa's legal system of rigid separation between blacks and whites?

Racial segregation

What happened during segregation?

During segregation blacks were kept separate from whites. This is because blacks were not viewed as equal to the whites.

What happened to blacks after reconstruction ended?

Racism continued and blacks still werent treated as equalls, but later on came Martin Luther and that era ended it all.

Why might slave have been forbidden to meet with free blacks under the slave codes?

Under the slave codes, slaves were forbidden to meet with free blacks to prevent potential collaboration or uprising. Enforcing this separation helped maintain control over the enslaved population and minimized the chances of organized resistance to the system of slavery. Additionally, restricting interaction between slaves and free blacks aimed to prevent the spread of ideas that could challenge the power dynamics of the society.

In the nineteenth century the black leader who continued to press for full citizenship rights for blacks in the US was?

Frederick Douglass

What effect does the African American culture have on the American way of life?

Time magazine once published an essay by Ralph Ellison titled "What America Would Be Like Without Blacks." Ellison's theory: "The nation could not survive being deprived of their presence because, by the irony implicit in the dynamics of American democracy, they symbolize both its most stringent testing and the possibility of its greatest human freedom."