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Orinoko river

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Q: What river did the amerindians travel along when coming to the Caribbean?
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Who brought Christianity to the Caribbean?

Hinduism came to the Caribbean with the migration of Indian workers to that area after the abolition of Slavery in 1834. Along with Hinduism, the Indians also brought cuisine, such as pungent curries, and ganja, which are important contributions to Caribbean culture. While Indian and Hindu influence can be found through out the British West Indies they are most pronounced on the island of Trinidad.

Why do hurricanes tend to happen frequently in the Caribbean?

Hurricanes develop and maintain their strength over warm, ocean water, making the Caribbean a prime candidate. Additionally, in the summer, the African Monsoon generates tropical disturbances that travel west toward the Caribbean, sometimes becoming hurricanes along the way.

Is Costa Rica along the Caribbean Sea?

Yes,it is!

Is the Caribbean in the Atlantic or the Pacific?

Barbados is a Caribbean island which enjoys both the Caribbean Sea, primarily along the West Coast, and the Atlantic Ocean, primarily along the East Coast and North Coast. The South Coast is quite the invigorating blend of both the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Why did amerindians settle along coastlines?

Amerindians settled along coastlines because they provided access to important resources such as fish, shellfish, and seaweed for food, as well as trade routes for interacting with neighboring tribes. Additionally, coastlines offered milder climates and suitable conditions for agriculture.

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