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Along the Northeast coast

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Q: French settlements were established along
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Where were french settlements established?

along the Colorado and Rio Grande rivers (nova net)

What did french settlements establish?

french settlement in india was established in 1668a.d.

Who established French settlements at Arcadia and Quebec?

Samuel de Champlain.

Where have settlements tended to become established in South America A. In the highlands?

Along the coasts

What were the main differences between the French and Spanish expeditions to the Americas?

spanish established more settlements

Who established the settlements in Canada?

two countries established the settelments in Canada and they are France and England that is why Canada's people usually speak English and French Sara :)

Did the Spanish get along with the French in early settlements?

no because they both kept on steeling stuff. not trading

What group established the first Spanish settlements in Texas?

The missionaries were the group that established the first Spanish settlements in Texas.

Where were the settlements of Samuel de Champlain?

Samuel de Champlain established settlements in Canada, notably Quebec City and Port Royal (now Annapolis Royal) in Nova Scotia. These settlements played a significant role in the early French colonization of North America.

What is the name of the two Spanish settlements in South Carolina and where were they located?

The French Hugenots and the dutch and they were located along the northeastern coast

How did the french settlements differ from the English settlements?

Most of the French settlements were men who were traders and accepted the natives. But the English settlements focused on families developing the land and basically wanted to enslave the natives.

Identify reason for French and Spanish settlements in the americas?

Early Spanish, French, & English permanent settlements tried to transplant ... beans, and squash and Spanish followed and incorporated Native American networks ... French: hoped to find gold down St. Lawrence river and along Great Lakes.