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The only state in the United States with a unicameral legislature is Nebraska.

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Q: What state has a unicameral government?
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Does Nebraska have a Unicameral government?

Yes. Nebraska has a unicameral government. They decided that they only needed one house, the Senate. They are the only state with a unicameral government. All others have a bicameral government.

How do you use unicameral in a sentence?

the government has a unicameral

What us a unicameral legislature?

Only one. In the US only one state has that form of government and that is Nebraska.

Is Colorado's state legislature unicameral?

Colorado is not a unicameral state. Only Nebraska is.

What kind of government has only one law-making body?

A unicameral government has only one law-making body, in contrast to a bicameral government which has two separate chambers. Examples of countries with a unicameral legislature include Denmark, New Zealand, and Sweden.

Why did Nebraska decide to have a unicameral government instead of a bicameral government?

1. Cheaper 2. More efficient The reason for a bicameral government is basically to check and balance the other house, this is necessary in a National Government and MAYBE populace states. But pointless in a smaller state like Nebraska, it would only and a large unnecessary cost to our budget.

What state is only currently to have a unicameral?

Nebraska Legislature is the only state that currently has a unicameral?

What is a unicameral legislature?

A unicameral congress is a legislature consisting of one body, group, or "house", as opposed to a bicameral congress, which has two (and a tricameral congress would have three). (Keep in mind that those words have the same prefixes as unicycle, bicycle and tricycle.)

How can a bicameral state become an unicameral state?

because bicameral states have 2 camerals and when they lose one in becomes a unicameral state.

What is a 1 housed government called?


Do Most states have a unicameral legislature.?

No, most US states have a bicameral legislature, with two legislative bodies/chambers. A unicameral legislature has a single body/chamber. Nebraska switched to a unicameral legislature in 1934 and is the only US state to currently have a unicameral legislature.

How do you use the word unicameral in a sentence?

Nebraska is the only US state with a unicameral legislature. Each state had one vote, but possibly several delegates, in the unicameral Congress under the Articles of Confederation.