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my answer is the caribs practiced plant the same as the arwaks such as:cassava,corn,sweet potato etc

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the main crop is pepperpot

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Q: What type of farming did the arawak's and the caribs practice?
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A type or way of farming The science or practice of farming 

What type of farming did new new England farmers practice?

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What type of noun is Arawaks?

The plural noun 'Arawaks' is a proper noun, the name of an indigenous group of people of South America and the Greater Antilles.

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What type of tools did the caribs used for hunting and fishing?

they use arrows for hunting

What type of clothes do the Arawaks wear?

they wear body paintings and beads and grass skirts

What type of government did the lucayans have?

did the arawaks lived in an organized society with a structured government

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