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  1. Meat/Fish: Lobsters, crabs, turtle(only the Arawak ate this.), agouti
  2. Fruits/Vegetables: Cassava, sweet potato, corn. peppers, pineapples, plums, guava, Mammee apple and star apples.
  • Cotton, tobbaco was used for personal reasons.
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Q: What type of food did the caribs and arawak eat?
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What kind of food did the caribs eat?

they eat pepper pot and also fuits and vegetables

How Arawak live?

They didnt have any clothes except for a cloth they wore and they had there body's painted. Sometimes for food they would catch turtles and eat them. Then Columbus came and the Arawaks didnt like him so they made him stay on the bay he discovered Jamaica on. Sometimes the evil tribe the caribs who were canibals would caome onto to their land to fight.

How do the caribs eat?

like wild pigs

Why did the Caribs eat human flesh?

they felt to

What do Arawak's?

arawaks eat avocado,fish ,pinapple

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What do Caribbeans eat?

the caribs and tainos ate pepperpot and it is still eaten today , but I still don't know what the caribs ate other than pepperpot. They also eat callalo which is made from Yam leaves crab and ground provision. They eat Cassava Bread, still drink Cassava beer. And so much more which is to numerous to mention

What is similarities between the Caribs and Arawaks?

the caribs used to eat the dead women of their tribe because they thought that by eating women they would receive the fertilty that the women had and that is how gays and lesbians came about. many people may not know this but christopher columbus was a gay man. he belived that aliens granted him a gift and every night he would thank them by the beach. that is y it is not got to make daybreak on the beach you may become GAY. DUUM DUUM DUUUM. peace out.

What did the arawak eat?

considering the facts that we have now, the Arawak's ate: fish birds iguanas horses monkeys basically any animal you see!

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