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Some types of Cedar Cladding available for summer houses include bevel, tongue and groove, rough cut and board and batten. You can get more information about Cedar Cladding at the WiseGeek website. Once on the page, type "Cedar cladding" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

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Q: What types of Cedar Cladding are available for summer houses?
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Why did the Hupa build their houses with cedar planks?

because it makes the house stronger.

What were houses made of in the 13 colonies?

They were made as much like the homes in the home countries as possible. Most were made of clapboards on a frame house, these usually had cedar or pine shingles on the roof. Wattle and dab (clay) was another popular building material, with a thatched roof. Bricks were manufactured as well and homes and building made of them.

Why do Native Americans burn cedar?

Only certain tribes burn cedar. Cedar is considered by some to be a purifyer, and essential part of ceremonies. It is also used as a way of protecting the area from evil spirits. Other tribes use sage for the same purposes.

What are the houses of native Canadian called?

The First Nations peoples of Canada lived historically in a wide range of different dwellings, just like the natives in the rest of the Americas.Some used longhouses, some made wigwams covered with tree bark, some made buffalo-skin tipis and others made shelters of compacted snow or planks of cedar wood. All these types of dwelling had their own names in native languages, so there is no single name for the houses of native Canadians.

How did the Northwest coast Indians adapt to their environment?

Two adaptations of the Northwest coast Indians were their homes and river transportation. Their homes were sturdy homes made of cedar, which was abundant, and they made large canoes, also made of cedar, to navigate water ways and for fishing.

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What are the Chinooks Indian houses called?

Considering there houses were named cedar bark houses as well as longhouses. I believe cedar bark.

How did the Haida houses look like?

Haida houses were made of cedar plank wood.

What do they make out of plank houses?

they make it out of cedar tree

Did southwestern Indians make there houses out of cedar trees?


What did the Chinook Indians buid their houses out of?

Cedar planks.

What wood was used for native houses?

The wood that was used for native houses was; Red Cedar Wood (:

What did the haida tribe make their houses out of?

Cedar Plank wood

What houses did the Chinook Indians live in?

Chinook Indians lived in long houses made of cedar boards.

What tribes lived in cedar plank houses?

The Yurok of Northern California.

What type of wood did the Chinook use to build houses?

The Chinook used cedar wood to build their houses.

What time daily does cedar point open?

Summer it is 10 am.

What type of home did the Chinook tribe live in?

They lived in cedar plank houses.