What used to heat longhouses?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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From what i can remember they had a fire in the middle of it where they cooked and the chimney was above it. They had no windows so it was very smoky and smelly

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Q: What used to heat longhouses?
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Why were longhouses built?

Native American Longhouses are made and used to support more than one person.

What are longhouses made out of?

Wood and animal fur were the main things used to build longhouses

What were Indian longhouses used for?

to liver in

What shelter did iroquoians used?

they lived in longhouses

How was the longhouse used?

longhouses were used to live in and they had a main longhouse which they used to make decions

What materials did the Nez Perce Indians use to make longhouses?

The Nez Perce used twigs, bark, logs, and thatch to build their longhouses

Is longhouses still used today?

long houses are not still used today

What adaptations did the Iroquois make?

They used wood for longhouses etc

What was the Iroquois's shelters made out of?

The Iroquois lived in longhouses. The longhouses were made of wood and bark. The wood was used to create the structure and the bark was used to cover it up. Mud was also used to stick the two together.

Do Mohawks live in Longhouses or Tipis?


What did the iroquois do in the longhouses?

The Iroquois lived in their longhouses.

What sheltered the mohawk tribe?

the longhouses that they used made from tree bark