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Althea Gibson's father's name was Daniel Gibson.

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Q: What was Althea Gibson's father's name?
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What is althea gibsons favorite movie?

Her biography doesn't give that information

What part of speech is wanted in this sentence female tennis star althea gibsons father once wanted her to be a boxer?


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What was Althea Gibsons childhood like?

althea Gibson never knew what she was good at. she got in fights with girls and gangs when she was younger, and recived alot of help from her brother and friends and mom. sorry i don't no too much. Hope this helps! Cbmgirl1103 :)

What does althea mean?

Althea is a Greek name meaning Healer.

What does life mean to Althea Gibson?

If any of these are not a genuine rephrasing of the question, please help out and How_did_althea_gibson_die.How did althea die? When did Althea die? How althea Gibson die? Is althea Gibson dead? How id althea Gibson die? Where did althea gbson die? Why is althea Gibson famous? What happend to althea Gibson? Wher did althea go to college? Where was Althea Gibson buried? Some facts about althea Gibson'? What year did althea Gibson die? What is althea Gibson sister name? What was althea Gibson's mother name? Can you show a picture of Althea Gibson? Was althea Gibson worlds greatest skier? When did Althea Die and how did she die? When did althea Gibson die how did she die? What did Althea Gibson do for the black history? What did althea Gibson change the game of in 1950?

What is the japanese name for althea?

The Japanese version of the name 'Althea' is アルシア, which is pronounced as Arushia.

What is the name of Althea Gibson's mother?

Althea Gibson's mother was Annie Bell Gibson.

What was Althea Gibsons's goal as a young person?

Her goal was to make herself a name in tennis. In her own words: "I knew that I was an unusual, talented girl, through the grace of God," she wrote. "I didn't need to prove that to myself. I only wanted to prove it to my opponents."

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