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Daniel and Anna Washington Gibson.

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Q: What were althea Gibson parents name?
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What was Althea Gibson's father's name?

Althea Gibson's father's name was Daniel Gibson.

What does life mean to Althea Gibson?

If any of these are not a genuine rephrasing of the question, please help out and How_did_althea_gibson_die.How did althea die? When did Althea die? How althea Gibson die? Is althea Gibson dead? How id althea Gibson die? Where did althea gbson die? Why is althea Gibson famous? What happend to althea Gibson? Wher did althea go to college? Where was Althea Gibson buried? Some facts about althea Gibson'? What year did althea Gibson die? What is althea Gibson sister name? What was althea Gibson's mother name? Can you show a picture of Althea Gibson? Was althea Gibson worlds greatest skier? When did Althea Die and how did she die? When did althea Gibson die how did she die? What did Althea Gibson do for the black history? What did althea Gibson change the game of in 1950?

What is the name of Althea Gibson's mother?

Althea Gibson's mother was Annie Bell Gibson.

Are althea Gibson parents married?


What is althea Gibson mother name?

Anna Washington Gibson

Althea Gibson's middle name?


What were althea Gibson brothers name?

her brother's name was James

What was the name of the autobiography by Althea Gibson?

nothing but trouble

What was Althea Gibson's middle name?

It does not appear she has a middle name, however her nickname is Ally.For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click under the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated directly below this answer section.

Did Althea Gibson have a twin brother?

No, Althea Gibson did not have a twin brother.

What was Althea Gibson birthday?

What is the birth date of Althea Gibson?

How did Althea Gibson die?

Althea Gibson died of circulatory failure.

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