What was Kentuckys nickname?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Kentucky's Nickname is The Bluegrass State.

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Q: What was Kentuckys nickname?
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What is Kentuckys latitude?

37.5 N

Where do Kentuckys lawmakers meet?


Kentuckys famous pioneer?

Daniel Boone.

What is kentuckys average temperature?

36736487363814130987 degrees

What is kentuckys latitude and longitude?

(37.839333, -84.270018)

What is kentuckys most populated city?


What is Kentuckys brid?

The official State bird is the Cardinal.

What is kentuckys main food crop source?


What is Kentuckys culture?

Is alot of horses , tobbaco,and bluegrass.

What are the political features of Kentucky?

what is kentuckys political features

What is Kentuckys ranking in the US?

Hey,Wuz up?!

What is Kentuckys state flags name?

Bluegrass State flag