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African Americans started their own businesses.

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Q: What was an effect of segregation on business?
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What was a effect of segregation on businesses?

african americans started their own business

What was an effect on segregation on business?

African Americans started their own businesses.

What was an effect of segregation business?

African Americans started their own businesses.

how did segregation effect  African Americans lives ?

 it separated the races in public life. African Americans could not travel, do business, study, or worship with white Americans. When such laws were challenged in court, the states argued that segregation affected everyone equally 

What were some effects of segregation on society after World War 2?

Some of the people wanted Segregation and others didnt so i would say that the effect segregation gave to society was not the best effect at all.

Did jazz effect black segregation?


What are the cause and effect of segregation?

the cause of segragation is they did not have equal rights.

How did Martin Luther king JR had an effect on the US?

He stopped segregation

What was the effect of segregation on businesses?

The effect of segregation was different on different businesses. Segregated Black communities had their won businesses that were often reasonably prosperous, but that became less so when formal segregation was ended and the more prosperous black people could move to integrated areas inconvenient distances from those businesses.

What was one reason African Americans business were important?

They provided services that whites would not because of segregation

What is the Schelling Effect?

The Schelling effect, also known as the tipping point or threshold effect, refers to the phenomenon where individuals tend to conform to a majority decision even if it goes against their personal beliefs. This effect can lead to segregation and polarization in societies as people gravitate towards groups that share similar characteristics or opinions.

How did fw declerk effect Africa?

he stoped the apathied which is segregation between whites and nonwhites.