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The Lascaux Caves (Apex)

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Q: What was native American rock art like that was found near Lake Amistad?
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What do scientists think the native American rock art that was found near Lake Amistad means?

They believe that Indians used rock art as communication, tradition, telling a story using pictures, and just for their own entertainment.

Why did they name lake Amistad lake Amistad?

Because the rule

What is meicigama''?

Meicigama is an Algonquian Native American word. It means "big lake" and refers to Lake Michigan.

How many acres is lake amistad?

58,500 acres.

Where is the Native American Cultural Center in Lake Isabella California located?

The address of the Native American Cultural Center is: 2600 Highway 155, Lake Isabella, CA 93240

Why is lake superior known as lake gitchigoomie?

Gitchigoomie is the Ojibwa(Chippewa) Native American name for Lake Superior.

Where is lake amistad?

Near Del Rio, TX on the border of the Rio Grande River, half the lake is in Mexico

Major lake in Missouri named after a native American?

W. O

Does del rio tx have a lake?

Yes, Del Rio, Texas, is located near Lake Amistad, which is the third largest lake in Texas and offers various recreational activities like swimming, boating, fishing, and scuba diving Lake Amistad is a popular destination known for its bass fishing and outdoor adventures, making Del Rio an ideal vacation spot for those who enjoy exploring the great outdoors.

Who was the first non native American to reach Crater Lake?

abraham lincoln

What is the phone number of the Native American Cultural Center in Lake Isabella California?

The phone number of the Native American Cultural Center is: 760-549-0800.

When were the north American badgers first found?

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