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the answer is CORN

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Q: What was the country's staple in the south before the great migration?
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What part of speech is great migration?

"great" is an adjective, and "migration" is a noun.

Who painted the great migration?

Jacob Lawrence was the one who was associated with "The Great Migration"

What problems in England caused the Great Migration?

The problems in England that caused the Great Migration was religious and economic issues. The Great Migration happened in 1630.

What' was the great migration that took place between 1910 and 1940?

a great migration that came from Europe to the us

What is the meaning of the term the great migration?

The Great Migration means that the Puritans left for the Americas.

How do you use great migration in a sentence?

The Great Migration made an impact on the Northern States.

In the 1920s what was the great migration?

The great migration increased the goose population in Canda by 36%

What was the 'great migration' that took place between and 1940?

a great migration that came from Europe to the us

When was Jaspa's Journey- The Great Migration created?

Jaspa's Journey- The Great Migration was created in 2009.

How did the people in The Great Migration live?

Migration has brought a lot of people and ideas for example.migrationgreat migration

Which historical event had an effect on Modernism?

Industrialization Apex: The great migration

What were cause of the great migration?

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