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bacons rebellion happened in 1676

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Q: What was the date of bacons rebellion?
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What sparked bacons rebellion?

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Who led Virginia farmers in rebellion in 1676?

Nathaniel Bacon, The rebellion was called Bacons Rebellion.

Bacons rebellion led to the growth of what practice?

It led to Slavery

Which colony did bacons rebellion occur?

Virginia coloney (Virginia)

What caused bacons rebellion what was it Why is it important?

Bacon's Rebellion The governor of Virginia, and his associates in the commercial ventures in the colony.

What were the origins of the political turmoil in Virginia during the 1670s?

Bacons Rebellion

What is Nathaniel Bacon famous for?

he is most famous for the famous Bacons Rebellion!

How did Bacon's Rebellion Challenge England's authority over its American colonies?

well, bacons rebbelion was a big step in our American history but, bacons rebellion challened englands authorirwr ove rits coloines because bacon was a retarted name.

How did tobacco contribute to Bacons Rebellion?

Bacon's Rebellion is one of the most studied episodes in American history but, the effects of mercantilism, the use of tobacco as a single source of revenue.

What was governor of Jamestown reaction to bacons rebellion?

He fully supported Nathaniel Bacon, and assigned some men to help him

Why did slavery accelerate after bacons rebellion?

Because the indentured servants(the people who rebelled during the rebellion) couldn't be trusted anymore. The feds turned to slaves because they could be forced to work and had a low chance of rebelling

What events led to bacon's rebellion?

Bacon's Rebellion was precipitated by what Bacon perceived as unfair treatment by William Berkeley, Governor of Virginia. Berkeley excluded Bacon from his government.