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Major John Andre

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Major John Andre.

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Q: What was the name of the British officer whose capture led to the exposure of Benedict Arnold as a traitor?
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What did benadict Arnold do?

In the 1780s, Benedict Arnold and his son Richard work as land speculators in New Brunswick. He also owned a ship and traded with the West Indies, but mostly made a name for himself by buying up land and suing people at the drop of a hat. He moved to London in 1791, and outfitted a privateer during the French Revolution, continuing trade with the West Indies despite the increasing risk. In the Carribean during the invasion of Guadelupe, he was arrested as a spy but escaped by bribing the guards, and organized militias on British-controlled islands to protect them from French invasion. He died in debt in 1801, at the age of 60.

Which American officer became a British spy?

Benidict Arnold

Whose NCO traditions did the Colonial Americans adopt?

The British military system served as a model for our Army, but the origin of the Non-Commisioned Officer (NCO) in America's Continental Army came about through a combination of ideas. The American Army blended traditions of the British, French and Prussian armies into a configuration which became an American institution. A non-commissioned officer (called a sub-officer in some countries) is a military officer who has not been given a commission.

Who was the woman was captured by Northern forces and eventually married a Union officer?

Information supplied by Antonia Ford resulted in the capture of several senior Union officers. She herself was later captured and held in prison. The Union officer assigned to guarding her eventually fell in love with her, and the two ended up getting married and raising a family.

With what army did George Washington receive his military training?

Washington was a young officer in the Virginia Militia during the time of the French and Indian War. In fact, in come circles, he is credited with starting the French and Indian War. Still, he distinguished himself in the retreat following the attack on Braddock's Expedition. He gathered the disorganized troops under his command, brought order out of chaos, and marched them to safety while fending off harassing attacks from the Native Americans attempting to pick off the Vanguard and the Rear Guard. Afterwards, he applied for a commission as an officer in the British Regular army and was rejected. It was this that made him realize that he would never be treated as a full fledged Englishman, and that the British would treat all Americans as second class subjects of the crown. That is why, later, he was eager to strive for independence from the British Crown.

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What Officer's capture led to the exposure of Benedict Arnold as a traitor?

Major John Andre

Who was The American officer who became a British spy?

it was Benedict Arnold

Who was the colonial officer that planned to turn over to the British?

Benedict Arnold

Which American army officer changed sides and fought for the British?

Benedict Arnold

Who was the colonial officer who committed a treasonous act when he attempted to turn West Point over to the British?

General Benedict Arnold.

Colonial officer who committed a treasonous act when when he attempted to turn West point over to the British?

It was Benedict Arnold the Colonial officer.

Who was general for the continental army during the American revolution and then an officer in the British army?

Benedict Arnold

Which British officer was Benedict Arnold's messenger to Clinton?

Major John Andre

What side did Benedict Arnold fight for in the Revolutionary War and what was his part in the war?

Benedict Arnold fought on both sides during the American Revolution. He began as a successful and effect officer serving under George Washington. Later he tried, and failed, to arrange for the British to capture West Point. Following that he fled to the British lines and served the remainder of the war as a British officer.

Did Benedict Arnold do anything good?

Benedict Arnold was a respected officer in the Continental Army, considered a hero for his military achievements, before he defected to the British. There is a link below to an article on his military career.

What American officer's name is now synonymous with traitor after he plotted to surrender the fortifications at West Point to the British?

General Benedict Arnold.

Colonial officer who planned to turn over to the British the fort at West Point?

Beats me, I came here to find the answer to the question